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Welcome to skipIP

skipIP is a free service offering dynamic DNS entries for all of your devices (as long as their support DNS updates over https/http) having dynamic IP address. No more hassle in trying to remember the new IP address of your home router. Just use skip IP and enjoy having a great hostname under No need to login into your account every N days in order to keep your hostames active.

In detail skipIP service includes:

  • Completely free.
  • SSL protected webinterface.
  • Easy initial setup over the web gui.
  • 5 hostnames. (Not enough for you? Open support ticket and tell us why?)
  • Standard DDNS update API over HTTPS/HTTP. If your client supports it, use HTTPS.
  • No extra client required. Supported by most routers out of the box.
  • Different password for the web gui and for DDNS update client.
  • 60s TTL - the shortest TTL allowed by DNS standard.
  • Unlimited updates.
  • History of your updates.
  • No need for login every N days, just to keep your account active.
  • Are you missing some features? Let us know by opening support ticket, and we'll think about it.

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