Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is skipIP?
    skipIP is a sevice providing you with a free dynamic DNS.
  2. What does it costs?
    Nothing. This service is offered free of charge.
  3. Invitation code is required for registration. Where can I get the invitation from?
    Currently the invitations are published on
  4. Where do I start?
    Add a new hostname in your account. Check your DDNS password under User Settings. Afterwards configure your router/PC and enjoy free DDNS.
  5. How do I configure my router?
    You need to specify the following as an update URL (if your client supports SSL):
    or the following (if your client doesn't support SSL):
    Do not replace the capitalized words in square brackets! These are placeholders for your DDNS update client.

    For routers running dd-wrt use the following settings:
    DDNS Service: Custom>
    DYNDNS Server:
    User Name: USERNAME
    Password: DDNSPASSWORD
    URL: /nic/update?
    Additional DDNS Options: --dyndns_system
    Replace USERNAME, DDNSPASSWORD and YOURHOSTNAME according to your settings. See also the following image: dd-wrt setup.
  6. Is there a client working on windows?
    Just in case, you need a windows client, DynDNS Simply Client works fine. There is also available under PortableApps version. The required settings are visible under windows client setup.
  7. I really like this service. Can I help you?
    Yes, definitely. If you want to help we appreciate this. Currently you can help by:
    • recommending us to your friends,
    • sponsor a nice and short domain,
    • or support us with a small donation. Please open a support ticket for details.
  8. You are having problems or can't find the answer here?
    Feel free to open a support ticket.

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